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My body was compromised.

My boobs aren't as perky as they once were and my stomach has stretch marks.

Due to child birth.

For years, literally over a decade, I have been unhappy with my body. Ashamed to wear crop tops and bikinis. Judging the woman who did. "She looks a hot mess, why would someone ever leave the house like that?". Which ironically, is how I'd feel about myself if I were in her shoes.

What I had not factored in was what I clearly didn't understand. It was a lack of confidence within myself.

​The woman who feels good about herself on the inside can not be touched. She does not need validation.

I know this now because of my first encounter with confidence. It was on a resort in Florida, dressed in a high waist bikini and it felt like love. And my heart was happy.

Over a decade of hiding and being ashamed of my body, I digress. And share openly what I refuse to allow to hold me back any longer.

​My perfectly imperfect body: less than perfect boobs, stretch marked stomach and heart of gold ☺️.

Don't forget to acknowledge, support and love yourself. -Confidence



<![CDATA[Restore Your Hair]]>Fri, 09 Dec 2016 15:12:23 GMThttp://brownskinwomen.academy/blog/restore-your-hair

​What's the key to healthy haircare?

​Learn the importance of a healthy scalp environment and the role it plays to natural hair care, how to minimize Alopecia (Hair Loss), what is normal vs abnormal, prevention and so much more.

Workshop will be led by Brown Skin Women Partner, Donyelle McBride, Hair Loss Specialist, Certified Trichologist and Owner of McBride Hair Restoration.

​Saturday, January 14, 2017, 3-5pm
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​Saturday, April 15, 2017, 3-5pm
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​Saturday, July 15, 2017, 3-5pm
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​All workshops will take place inside of Carmen's Events + Beauty Showroom in Downtown Hartford, CT.  Exact location details will be sent via email immediately after your purchase ticket to event.  Sign up for workshops here:

<![CDATA[Her Story: Terri Banks]]>Tue, 06 Dec 2016 20:52:24 GMThttp://brownskinwomen.academy/blog/her-story-terri-banks
"Bless her heart". That is the look I get from most people these days. Or complete avoidance.

I am an African American woman with a disability. I use a wheelchair. There is nothing WRONG with me! I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Before anyone says to themselves "oh, I know someone who has that". Stop now. It's referred to as a snowflake disease because no 2 cases are the same. But I don't want to talk about me today. I want to focus on how wheelchair users are treated. What I have realized is that aside from being in this chair, I'm still me. Perhaps a better me. 

It's friends and family who don't know what to say or do. Example, someone will ask "how are you doing?" my response "great". They will look at the chair, then me as if to say, "that's not possible, your in a wheelchair!". Look, I still love fashion and style, go to concerts, play's, festival etc. As long as they're accessible. When we see someplace that's NOT accessible what that says is, only if you're mobile can you worship, study, dine or enjoy these festivities. The frustration is what gets to me.

I can't be spontaneous. I have to make sure that I can even get in before I go somewhere. Imagine having to monitor your hydration before you go anywhere or after you get somewhere because there may not be a bathroom that you can use. And let me say this now, LADIES (and I include myself because I've done it in the past). Do. Not. Use. The. Handicap. Stall. Wheelchairs will not fit in the other stalls. I know, they're more spacious, roomy, blah, blah, blah. Just don't do it. As Maya Angelou said "when you know better, do better".

A few more do's and dont's. Unless we ask for assistance don't assume. Don't grab my arm thinking that's helping. In some instances that's doing more harm than good. Don't ask why I'm in the chair. If I want to share that, I will. More than anything, don't give them that "Bless her heart" look. I am a 57 year-old African American woman who has a lot to offer. I have a voice. And yes, I have a man!

-Terri Banks from Ohio and Advocate for disabled women of color "of a certain age".

Her Story is a new feature that highlights every day women navigating life through unique eyes. Interested in sharing your story?  Learn more here.

Yours Truly,

<![CDATA[Brown Skin Woman: Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 17:47:33 GMThttp://brownskinwomen.academy/blog/brown-skin-woman-yanique-owner-of-pretty-doll-makeup-brushes
Brown Skin Woman spotlight is on the beautiful Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes.
Yanique, Owner of Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes
I had the pleasure of getting to know the woman behind the brand during my Events + Beauty Showroom's grand reopening and retail collaboration with SOLACE Hartford Boutique.

Yanique is a native of Jamaica who moved to the US at the age of eleven.  She started Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes out of her love for makeup and necessity to fill a void.  

The idea came to me after my last makeup brush purchase from one of the top cosmetic companies.  Granted, I was super excited about my purchase and couldn't wait to try it out.  I remember looking over my receipt and thinking to myself, I can't believe I just spent this much money on ONE makeup brush.  At that moment the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business presented itself.  I decided to create an affordable, quality brand and product, and thus Pretty Doll Makeup Brushes was born. 
Pretty Doll Makeup Brush Collections
Yanique explained her biggest challenge with running her business is finding the capitol necessary to cover out of pocket expenses.  Doing so would allow her to promote and market to a larger audience thus allowing her business to grow. 
Carmen, Founder of Brown Skin Women
I tried and LOVE my new set of brushes from her Perfect Blue Collection.  There's something empowering about using quality products and supporting an entrepenuer's dream.  This is why the Brown Skin Women Spotlight exist.  

​I adore women of color, and especially brown skin women entrepreneurs!  I want all of us to succeed and have learned we can through genuine support, patience, understanding and love.  

The Brown Skin Women Network as a whole is the catalyst that builds a solid foundation on which each of us can stand.  
It is to this end and with great pleasure we welcome Yanique to the Brown Skin Women Family!

Shop her brushes on her website here.

Connect with her on Instagram here and Facebook here.

Until next time...

Hugs + Love,
<![CDATA[Blogging to Entrepreneurship Conference]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 15:51:59 GMThttp://brownskinwomen.academy/blog/bloggersconference
This Design Your Life: Ready, Set Grow Courses are meant to help us live intentionally, wholeheartedly and to build and grow withing a community of beautiful Brown Skin Women. In this course I will share with you how living intentionally has allowed me to build a blog and turn it into a multi revenue generated business in less than 3 years. In this conference will explore:

  • Passion & Blogging
    • Strategy, Strategy, Strategy. How to organize and structure a blog and it's moving parts.
  • Packaging + Social Media
    • Tools & Resources to help you tackle the beast that is social media
  • Recurring Revenue & Building a Membership Club
    • Because who doesn't want to generate multiple streams of revenue?

Includes access to Blogging to Entrepreneurship Course, printable workbook and live Q&A Coaching with Carmen, Founder of Brown Skin Women.

This conference will stream live from Kissime, Florida on December 18, 2016 from 1-3PM EST and in person at Carmen's Events + Beauty Showroom in Hartford, CT on January 29.2017 from 1-3PM EST.

Conferences are virtual and in person events that are discounted for members but are open to the public. Members enter discount code to get 15% OFF.
<![CDATA[Brown Skin Women Cyber Monday Sale]]>Mon, 28 Nov 2016 03:07:32 GMThttp://brownskinwomen.academy/blog/brown-skin-women-cyber-monday-sale
The first ever Brown Skin Women Cyber Monday sale is taking place at midnight tonight.  

For years I have spent a great deal of time preparing others for the largest online sale of the year, it's about time the same occurs with the BSW network.  I've created a variety of specials for this sales event for those local and afar to experience many of the things I am passionate about.   

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